Marathon Benefits Group

Benefits for the Long Run of Life!



Life is busy.  You don't have time to research all of your investment, insurance and savings opitons.  Plus, life has a way of changing your priorities and needs.  Trust the team at Marathon Benefits Group.

At Marathon Benefits Group, our mission is to help you take advantage of those opportunities. As personal financial professionals, we can:

  • Help you clarify and define your goals 
  • Recommend solutions that fit your needs  
  • Deliver timely information  
  • Explain how changing financial conditions affect you
  • Monitor your financial progress 
  • Make investment planning easier

Our services cover all areas of financial management, from investment and retirement planning to risk management and estate conservation. We specialize in helping our clients develop a comprehensive, cohesive financial strategy that fits their unique needs and enables them to meet both short- and long-term objectives.

You'll find valuable information for evaluating your current position and progress toward financial goals.  You'll also find calculators that will help you assess your current and future needs. 

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